Cooling Towers

Special Projects

Power & Energy Systems primary business is helping our customers plan, execute and complete power projects.  We realize that projects do not always turn out as planned and from time to time project owners or investors may need special assistance in completing a project that may be in a challenging situation.  We also understand that large firms may not be responsive to the immediate needs of this type of customer.

Power & Energy Systems has developed a team that can provide specialized project support in these situations.  We pull together teams of technical specialists, Project Engineers and Project Managers and other specialists from our internal associates and from our external network. This team of specialists have worked together on numerous projects and can accurately develop an understanding of difficult situations and complex technical problems. A tailored plan of support in these cases will be formulated. We have worked with several clients requiring special assistance with projects and all unique situations are handled with the highest confidentiality. We are focused to support the following:

  • Project investors
  • Project owners
  • Contractors executing work
  • Insurance providers
  • Sureties

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